Aajeevika Skill

Proposals pending at various stages with DDU-GKY (Earstwhile Aajeevika Skills) Division of MoRD, NIRD, NABCONS and PIA as on

Sr. No. Title Download
1 NIRD UPDATED SGSY(SP), Action Plan As on 12-3-2015
2 NIRD New Cases Database Status as on 12.3.2015 4NIRD_New_Cases_Database_Status_as_on_12.3.2015.xlsmapplication/octet-stream (6.18 MB)
3 NIRD DDU-GKY TRAINING CENTERS As on 12-3-2015 3NIRD_DDU-GKY_TRAINING_CENTERS_As_on_12-3-2015.xlsxapplication/octet-stream (41.36 KB)
4 MoRD SGSY pending status as on 13.03.2015 2MoRD_SGSY_pending_sataus_as_on_13.03.2015.xlsxapplication/octet-stream (558.06 KB)
5 MoRD New Cases Data Base as on 12.03.2015 1MoRD_New_Cases_Data_Base_as_on_12.03.2015.xlsxapplication/octet-stream (1.46 MB)
6 NIRD Weekly Status As on 12-3-2015 6NIRD_Weekly_Status_As_on_12-3-2015.xlsxapplication/octet-stream (31.43 KB)
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