Aajeevika Skill

Miscellaneous sanction

Sr. No. Title Download
41 Revision of sanctioned orders for DDU-GKY project in Rajasthan after CNN alignment -reg. Revision_Sanction Orders_CNN_Rajasthan.pdfapplication/pdf (3.8 MB)
42 Revision of sanctioned Orders for DDU-GKY projects in Telangana affer CNN alignment -reg. Revision_Sanction Orders_CNN_Telangana.pdfapplication/pdf (1.38 MB)
43 Revision of Sanctioned Orders for DDU-GKY Projects in Tripura after CNN alignment - Reg. Revision_Sanction Orders_CNN_Tripura.pdfapplication/pdf (894.91 KB)
44 Revision of Sanctioned Orders for DDU-GKY Projects in Uttar Pradesh after CNN alignment - Reg. Revision_Sanction Orders_CNN_UP.pdfapplication/pdf (1.49 MB)
45 Revision of Sanction Orders for DDU-GKY Projects in West Bengal in alignment with Common Norms-Reg. Revision_Sanction Orders_CNN_West Bengal.pdfapplication/pdf (1.1 MB)
46 Release of funds for training and capacity development activity to NIRD (2016-17) dated 18-10-2016 Release of funds NIRD_(2016-17)_18-10-2016.pdfapplication/pdf (892.17 KB)
47 Release of Rs.27241 to DAVP dated-18-8-2015 Release_of_Rs.27241_to_DAVP_dated-18-08-2015.pdfapplication/octet-stream (527.43 KB)
48 Release of Rs.32431 to NICSI dated-4-6-2015 Release_of_Rs.32431_to_NICSI_dated_04-06-2015_1.pdfapplication/octet-stream (548.61 KB)
49 Release of Rs.38134 to PGCIL dated-22-5-2015 Release_of_Rs.38134_to_PGCIL_dated_22-05-2015.pdfapplication/octet-stream (554.15 KB)
50 Release of Rs.45189 to MTNL dated-21-8-2015 Release_of_Rs.45189_to_MTNL_dated_21-8-2015.pdfapplication/octet-stream (525.43 KB)


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