Aajeevika Skill

Miscellaneous sanction

Sr. No. Title Download
21 Release of part payment Rs. 50000000.00 to NIRD As NRO Dated 12-3-2018 Release of part payment NIRD_NRO Dated 12-3-2018.pdfapplication/pdf (841.68 KB)
22 Release of 2nd installment to NICSI of an amount of Rs.5,91,090.00 toward revamping the website dated 5-2-2018 Release _2nd_Install_NICSI_website.pdfapplication/pdf (789.68 KB)
23 Release of 1st installment towards Video Analytics for monitoring and performance evaluation of DDU-GKY training centres, MoRD to IIT Bombay-reg. Order No.22 - Release of 1st installment to IITBombay.pdfapplication/pdf (823.45 KB)
24 Release of Rs. 60,000 to Assistant Director of Estate, Directorate of Estates Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi Directorate of Estates Nirman Bhawan New Delhi.pdfapplication/pdf (850.03 KB)
25 Release of Rs. 1,33,198 advance payment of 40% to ITDC-LTD UNIT VIGYAN BHAWAN ITDC-LTD UNIT VIGYAN BHAWAN.pdfapplication/pdf (883.78 KB)
26 Release of Rs. 138969 advance payment of 40% ITDC - ASHOK Events ITDC-ASHOK Events.pdfapplication/pdf (892.17 KB)
27 Release of 2nd and final installment of Central Share of funds to NIRD in respect of Aajeevika Skill Development Programme now called as DDU-GKY, for Placement linked skill Development of rural BPL youth in Chitradugra and Devangere Districts of Karnataka being implemented by M/s Sri Shakti Association (SSA) - regarding Order_No_05 Sri Shaki Association.pdfapplication/pdf (3.5 MB)
28 Release of 2nd Installment Rs. 550656 to NICSI dated 16-05-2017 regarding Procurement of ERP based MIS System (e-Kaushal system) - Phase-I for DDU-GKY Division-reg. NICSI_16-05-2017.pdfapplication/pdf (926.4 KB)
29 Release of Rs. 9,64,589 to NICSI dated 02-05-2017 regarding Procurement of ERP based MIS System (e-Kaushal system) - Phase-I for DDU-GKY Division-reg. Procurement_ERP_MIS_May_2017.pdfapplication/pdf (940.6 KB)
30 Revision of project sanction under DDU-GKY (Himayat) being implemented by M/s Aide Et Action India. (PRN TN2014CR1268) for skilling of youths in the State of Jammu and Kashmir - reg. Aide Et Action India_Himayat.pdfapplication/pdf (5.09 MB)


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