Aajeevika Skill

Miscellaneous sanction

Sr. No. Title Download
11 Release of 1st installment of central share of the monitoring cost to NABCONS, Mumbai for Maharashtra dated 23-04-2020 Sanction_Order No_2_NABCONS_Mumbai.pdfapplication/pdf (1.35 MB)
12 Release of Rs.73,99,812 to KPMG dated 11-03-2020 KPMG_11-03-2020.pdfapplication/pdf (577.61 KB)
13 Release of Rs.36,32,477 to NICSI dated 27-02-2020 NICSI_27-02-2020.pdfapplication/pdf (602.18 KB)
14 Release of Rs.68,39,219 to KPMG dated 12-09-2019 KPMG_12-09-2019.pdfapplication/pdf (337.75 KB)
15 Release of Rs.2,11,170 to PCSPL dated 22-05-2019 PCSPL_22-05-2019.pdfapplication/pdf (354.93 KB)
16 Release of Rs.18,880 to NAAS dated 27-05-2019 NAAS_27-05-2019.pdfapplication/pdf (513.13 KB)
17 Release of Rs.41,170 to PCSPL dated 27-05-2019 PCSPL_27-05-2019.pdfapplication/pdf (242.87 KB)
18 Release of 2nd installment towards Video Analytics for monitoring and performance evaluation of DDU-GKY training centers, Ministry of Rural Development to IIT Bombay-reg. IIT_BOMBAY_08_03_2019.pdfapplication/pdf (5.29 MB)
19 Release of Rs.6,55,143.00 to MTNL dated 13-3-2018 Release of Rs.6,55,143.00 to MTNL dated 13-3-2018.pdfapplication/pdf (820.77 KB)
20 Release of Rs. 154990 to PGCIL dated 14-3-2018 Release of Rs. 154990 to PGCIL dated 14-3-2018.pdfapplication/pdf (751.28 KB)


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