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राज्य कौशल विकास मिशन

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State Skills Development Missions provide the state government level support and funding for DDU-GKY projects; for easy implementation and the level of support required, the state skill development missions can get involved in two ways, as Annual Action Plan (AAP) States or as Yearly Plan (YP) States

States such as Rajasthan and UP have set up Rajasthan Skill and Livelihoods Development Corporation (RSLDC) and UP Skill Development Program (UPSDM), especially to carry forward livelihood and skill development and initiative respectively. When a State is able to plan budgets, recruit project implementation partners, build and manage projects they are given the ‘AAP’ status by DDU-GKY. An AAP state builds its own plan for the year, which is then, subject to approval, invested into by the MoRD. The investment is utilized by the AAP state to implement skill training program with their approved partners. While the MoRD involvement is reduced, State coordinators are appointed to manage the critical components of delivery such as social inclusion, inspections and adherence to standards.

Those who need the support of the MoRD in planning and implementation remain YP states. The YP states can implement projects but the projects are monitored actively by the MoRD, until they are able to transition to AAP.

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