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As per the census 2011, 69% of the India’s population lives in its villages. Over 57 million of the rural poor are young, between the very productive ages of 15 to 35. If they are gainfully employed, they will fuel India’s growth story. According to a FICCI-EY study, by 2020, the world will face a shortage of 47 million workers. India’s rural youth can become a demographic advantage.

Young people can bring energy and innovative ideas to the industry workforce. Not only can we equip them with skills, but also with confidence to become contributing members of their communities. We have a 55-million strong workforce in the making; we only have to imagine the potential.

If we invest in and train the underserved rural youth for employment, we will be able to transform poverty into productivity. We look to our training partners and project implementation agencies as our partners in poverty alleviation. It’s only our partners who can help us convert this demographic opportunity into a demographic dividend.

When we work together and respond to the human resources demands of the industry. We give poor rural youth the best chance to reach their potential by providing them counselling support and the best placement-linked skill training that we can. The skilling ecosystem includes influential industry organizations, Training partners, and employers amongst others. Working together achieves the common goal of sustainable development in India.

We have, over 1100 registered training partners on board, 350 training partners have started implementing projects in over 239 active training centres.

We are enthusiastic in our endeavour to provide the access to investment, technical support and facilitate implementation. Use your expertise and help in building a productive workforce, which will build a new India and a new world.

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Training partners can register with DDU-GKY through a dedicated registration process. Contact us sheeja.nair@ddugky.gov.in for more information, or click here to register

For more information, click here - Partner with us. Or Download the brochure and guidelines.

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Guidelines (Hindi)

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