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डीडीयू - जीकेवाई की मुख्य विशेषताएं

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Multi-Partner Approach:

DDU-GKY is mindful that it must engage the support of multiple partners to ensure success and maximize on the investment made in time and resources. In order to energize and build mass support as well as create awareness amongst the rural youth, The DDU-GKY projects are market linked and implemented in PPP mode. The involvement and partnership between civil society organizations, Educational institutions, apex skill partners and regulating organizations, the Government and Private organizations, ensures that DDU-GKY can leverage on the strengths of all and achieve transformative change.

Curriculum framing and assessment support is through NCVT (National Council on Vocational Training) or SSCs (Sector Skills Councils)., Industry partnerships allow access to new technology and on the job training as well access to over 250 relevant trades and skills. There are dedicated courses for soft skills, spoken English and basic computers, in residential as well as non-residential well equipped campuses, with adequate technology as per industry standards. To know more about NCVT, click here, to know more about SSC, Click here.

Our team makes unrelenting efforts to make sure that we can achieve a minimum placement of 75% of the project target of all trainees, through the support of our training partners and employer engagement. With a minimum recommended monthly salary of INR 6,000/- (varying based on training acquired).

A retention strategy is just as important to us and we have put in place mechanisms to track performance post placement, supporting and offering career progression support to graduates and training partners.

Benefits to candidates are in the form of free training, free uniform, free course material, free lodging and board in case of residential programs, INR 100/- per day in non-residential programs, post placement support of INR 1000/- per month for 2-6 months depending on location of placement and placement for 75% at INR 6,000/- per month (as cost to company).

Employing Technology in implementation:

We understand the global and local importance of exposure to technology, and how it not only unites us, but also makes providing training and the monitoring and implementation of projects seamless. DDU-GKY through its training partners has employed the following:

  • A Geo-Tagged Time Stamped Biometric Attendance Record: similar to what the candidates will eventually find in most organizations. This serves a dual purpose of being a monitoring tool, and also it also making candidates familiar with modern technology.
  • Provision of a Tablet PC per candidate at the training centre.
  • Presence of Computer Labs and e-Learning at Training Centres, to ensure that all candidates have access to a wider curricula and adequate learning opportunities

In addition, DDU-GKY as part of its management process and MIS requirements ensures that all Training partners invest in IT infrastructure and is working on a nation-wide network for sharing real-time performance data, meaningful graduate and financial information and creating a strong independent Placement Initiative.

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