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  •  Trained 2,70,329
  •  Placed 1,34,744
  •  Number of Training Centers 1,096
  •  Number of Trades 330

DDU-GKY is the placement-led skill training initiative of the Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD). We invest in training of a job-ready, skilled workforce, transforming poor rural Indian youth into skilled productive employees to empower industry with the right manpower for success and growth

Working in PPP mode, at DDU-GKY, we follow a three tier implementation structure, where,

  • The National Unit (NU) at the Ministry of Rural Development acts as the investor, policy maker and technical support provider.
  • State Skill Missions manage and monitor implementation and,
  • Training Partners (called Program Implementation Agencies or PIAs in our parlance) implement projects in specialist trades in compliance with norms and standards set by DDU-GKY.

Performance of an organization is dependent on the workforce having the right mix of skills; and often lack of skilled manpower causes delays and potential loss of revenues and profits. Preparing talent through training programs become a necessary liability if you want to deliver quality products and/or services to your consumers. This is where DDU-GKY comes in. DDU-GKY is working hard to provide adequate skilled manpower, in industry relevant job roles, so that employers have access to a wide talent pool to hire from. DDU-GKY is also eager to partner with large employers who have their own credible training programs, by sharing training costs, leading to EBIDTA savings. This way, not only will you have a talent pool trained in your way, but you will also save on training and induction costs. A win-win that you should take advantage of.

The DDU-GKY Advantage
  • World-class training through international benchmarking and best practices
  • Ensuring quality output and minimum service standards through well-defined Guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Quality Initiatives such as Training of Trainers (ToT) to build efficacy and scale
  • Curriculum as defined by Sector Skill Councils or NCVT and aligned to industry expectations
  • Mandatory training in soft skills, functional English and basic computer literacy
  • Emphasis on technology-led training infrastructure
  • Industry-ready discipline ensured through geo-tagged, time-stamped biometric attendance
  • Monitoring of training standards via CCTV recording
  • Guest lectures from industry leaders and domain experts
  • Mandatory third party Assessment and Certification of trained candidates
  • Multiples modes of engagement with employers to meet with multiple employer expectations

We subscribe to the National Occupational Standards (NOS); we cover a wide range of industries and sectors such as Agriculture, Automotive, Beauty & Wellness, Construction, Electronics, Gems & Jewellery, Healthcare, Logistics, Retail and Tourism & Hospitality amongst many others.

To know what other industries are covered the kinds of job roles that training is provided for, submit an information request here.

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