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IndiaCan – Our Partners in transforming lives in Rural India

IndiaCan is one of DDU-GKY’s partners to help us bring about a wave of prosperity, growth in rural India by transforming our youth into a skilled and globally relevant workforce.

IndiaCan is country’s leader in network of technology based satellite centers and vocational training.

IndiaCan has successfully established and run 197 vocational training centers in 15 states till now.

The core philosophy being ‘Educating, Empowering & Employing the youth’, IndiaCan is tackling one of the biggest challenges we are face today, lack of skilled workforce.

Established in 2008, IndiaCan is a part of Pearson – world’s leading education company with annual turnover of INR 50,000+ crores and presence in more than 80 countries. IndiaCan is country’s leader in network of technology based satellite centers and vocational training. More than 70,000 youth trained in vocational skills and 45,000+ placed. IndiaCan has successfully established and run 197 vocational training centres in 15 states till now.

Having partnered with us in 2010, IndiaCan has successfully completed three projects (one multi state project, one project in Jammu & Kashmir and another in Gujarat). As of today they have successfully trained over 25000 candidates and placed more than 21000 candidates in these projects.

DDU-GKY is proud to partner with IndiaCan and has ensured high level of investments in multiple projects. Here is a look.

A training session in Baran (Rajasthan)

A group of studies using bio-metric for recording attendance.

A snapshot of an ongoing training in Bongaigaon (Assam).

On the Job training – a key feature of the training program.

Here is what one of our candidates from the ‘Himayat’ project (J&K) had to say.

Said Nahida Shafi, a 21 year-old resident of Shutat, Kulgam,

“I was trained in the BPO course and placed with Competent Synergies at Mohali. With all the post-placement support given to me, today I am able to live and work so comfortably away from my home. It was a dream that turned into reality for me.” Nahida is drawing an annual salary of Rs 66,000.

Our candidates participating in a cleanliness activity.

Our candidates participating in a cleanliness activity.

A prayer in progress in one of our centers

Kabita Samantaray hails from Orissa. Coming from an extremely vulnerable family, she was in a search for a ajob when she got to know about the IndiaCan vocational centers through one of the mobilization drives. She enrolled herself in a retail trade training course. Her income is close to Rs. 5,500 per month. Today, she is not only supporting her family financially but also playing a key role in brining a social change and motivating other youth, especially women, in her village to enrol in skill training.

IndiaCan has constantly raised the bar by keeping a progressive approach and innovating with the intent of helping as many candidates as possible for smooth and effective trainings. Some of the prevalent ones being in the space of infrastructure where they used a training-bus for mobilizing and motivating more candidates to sign up, converting idle schools and colleges to centers for running programs.

However, two key innovations have been adding a module on ‘work readiness’ and ‘migration support’.

Work readiness module makes sure that our candidates learn the industrial skills for the job but also acquire soft skills before they are employed in a job. This model gives the candidate a holistic understanding of working in a professional environment. Such a module makes up for the lack of exposure to the trade world that our rural youth faces today. The sessions are phased through the entire training period. For example; the first session is conducted at the time of student counselling followed by an intervention in the first few days and modules are conducted till about 2 months into the training program.

The ‘migration support’ module is to meet the immediate needs of migrated rural youth. This is an extremely critical step because a large chunk of rural youth needs to migrate from their villages to towns and cities for jobs.

The migration program is integrated in the training as a pre-placement module and helps the candidates understand the basics that need to be addressed when they move. For example; our migration center in Jaipur allows for candidates to stay for 15 days and understand about the city, finding a house, public transport etc.

This partnership has changed lives of many rural youth and their families and we will continue moving in this direction to transform and bring about a significant positive difference to rural livelihood in India.

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