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Case Study

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Name of Champion Employer: Coffee Day Global Ltd (Café Coffee Day)

Prior to 2013, Café Coffee Day partnered with several NGOs and Training Providers to find the necessary manpower for their stores, they looked for candidates ranging from Customer Sales Assistants to Brewmasters, the specialists who mix and match your favourite coffees. The partners would mobilize individuals to Café Coffee Day’s sole training centre near Bengaluru. Not only was it a lengthy and cost intensive process, it also imposed a constraint on the growth of the business.

Café Coffee Day typically requires candidates from the local area to man their stores, and business expansion is directly linked to number of stores and the number of individual customers in each catchment area. The training process meant not only an expenditure of getting people to the training centre but also an opportunity loss of revenue because the store took much longer to get set up and start providing quality service to its customers.

Upon signing the MoU with DDU-GKY, Café Coffee Day has put in place more Training Centres. Since, they have mobilized and trained over 1,200 rural youth. According to their HR Operations, the Champion Employer relationship is leading to a potential savings of 3% on EBIDTA, on training and induction of new staff.

Activity-Planner-CCD-Training-Center Cafe-Mock-up-as-Training-Venue Career-Progression-Salary-growth-of-800-in-10-years-CCD
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